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On the candidate's terms

Many qualified candidates do not apply for current positions because the application process is too time-consuming. If you change the process and do it on the candidate's own terms, you will reach more relevant candidates. This requires a change in how and what information you collect, but it can also help HR in streamlining their job.

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On the candidate's terms

Recruitment with Kandidatene

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  • There is no reason to miss good candidates because of old and outdated application processes. Create interactive job postings where candidates give you direct answers to how well they match your needs!
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  • We help you target your job posting so you can concentrate on dialogue and choice of talents you want to move on in the hiring process. Reduce the time it takes to find relevant candidates by up to 75%, both locally and internationally!
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  • We will notify you as soon as candidates show interest in your job adverts. In today's competitive job market you must be quick to secure the right talent! Our systems rank the candidates and help you choose the ones that match your position best.
  • Average time from advertising to completed candidate list: 5 days
  • Average percentage of applications received from mobile: 80%
  • Average percentage of qualified applicants per position: > 50%
On the candidate's terms

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Find the right candidate

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On the candidate's terms